[Blog] Rediscovery, Reinvention & Reinterpretation

     Life is a process of discovery, invention and interpretation. Since childhood with are following those three steps to walk our journey. We learned right and wrong, possible and certitude, left and right, beautiful and ugly. They are all ‘society standards’ to guide us. Good or bad we follow the easiest way to complete our walk. Many get lost in the meantime and decide to create their own parameters.

     Life turns into a tangle of wishes, dreams and hopes. Others follow a superior power or their interpretation of Him/Her. There is not that many brave enough to rediscover, reinvent and reinterpret their lives. Why is it that we need to leave what we have behind? If only we stop and look we will see that evolving what we have is more rewarding than something new.

     The illusion of the unknown takes us to the wrong paths. We do not need someone, something, and somewhere to find our inner self. We just need to slow down and listen to our brain/heart. They are the perfect combination when looking for the future of our steps. We have the answer inside and only need to take the chance to see what we want and what we need. Life is a covenant with our beliefs and knowledge. It is a mix of people and places that takes shape within.

     We are the only ones capable of discovering the best of us to reinvent our flaws and reinterpret our destinies…


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