[Article] My Boring Life

     It looks like everybody these days thinks their MElife is exciting enough to write a book about it. I was watching a one hour TV program today and they presented two different biography books. I am guessing that none of the authors was older than thirty-five.  So, what makes their life so interesting? Why buy their books? Are they really telling the truth?

     Well, those are questions that I am not going to answer for you. I have no plan to read either biography. As a good Puerto Rican, I have better things to lose my time in. On the other hand, I can tell you that my life has been a really traditional one. I can make it sound sexy and interesting, but I had to many witnesses to ruin my credibility.

     If I write a book, my mom will read it to check on my stories and try to match my lies to the events I wrote about. My siblings will read it to see if I took something that was theirs or to see how I was able to get away with things they could not. Oh, and my daughters will read it to see how much they can do without me saying ‘I never did that when I was your age’.

     Definitely, biographies are one of my favorite book topics. I love to read about others and their lives. I guess you can call it morbid, but I call it educational gossip. I like to know how they did it. Sometimes, they transport you to a time & place which you can take part of. You can integrate yourself and feel as part of the story.

     I can probably fit in Elizabeth I’s biography and became the sister that steals her crown and her men. Thinking about it, maybe just the crown. I could it be the Puerto Rican Pocahontas; since I already have John Smith at home. The  problem will be the hair. They did not had flat irons back then and he will notice I was not an Indian if at least I did not wrap my hair.

    I guess after all, my life is not that boring. I may need to write my biography since I am going to hit thirty soon. The age in which all women are consider old; since forties are the new thirties. What I will write about? Probably about all the stories I know about others because that is what makes life interesting. All the skeletons you know about others. That is, if you know how to use them.


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