[Article] Why Write a Puerto Rican Blog?

     Bueno, sorry let me change my language disc. The easy answer to this question is because I am Puerto Rican. If I said that, I will open the box to many irrelevant questions. Were you born in the island or on the states? Are you part of the Puerto Rican Independence party? Are your parents Puerto Rican? and my favorite, do you have the residency?Main Profile Pic w_flag

     Since I know you will ask anyway I am going to give you the short answer and move on. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  I am not affiliated to any political party. Yes, my parents are Puerto Rican as well and obviously, I do have my residency. If you want to know how I got it read a US or PR history book and look for the time frame around 1952.

     Now with that out of the way, I can address the real reason why I write about topics related to Puerto Rico.  I lived in the Enchanted Island for twenty-two years and a half-day. In other words, most of my life. The majority of my recollections are about PR. My completed family and some of my childhood friends are still there. Therefore, we have a common denominator.

     I like to write about topics that are relevant and invoke memories. I write about what I know and what I think. Well, about my interpretation of the facts. Many can think I live in the past, but in reality that is what I have. In my present I write about my past to define my future. It makes no sense whatsoever to write of what I think may happen.

     Speculation sometimes can be and sword of two blades. In one hand it will allow you to prepare for what’s to come and at the same time, can create irrelevant expectations for your future endeavors. Also, who reads my blog? Mostly Puerto Ricans. According to the blog stats you guys are mainly between age 25 and 34. The computer said so, not me.

     Maybe when I start running out of Puerto Rican topics I may write about generic or relevant news topics. I may integrate them to the blog once a week. Right now, I will continue developing the reality of my inspiration. Writing for whoever wants to read and using the most colorful set of inhabitants the world has, Puerto Ricans.


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