[Article] 30 in 30 Days

     This is not a promise for a great diet, but the sad reality people face. In 30 days I will be turning 30! For the last year, I have been preparing myself  for this moment, but I need to acknowledge it arrived faster than I thought. Just like any other special age in a women’s live I have been fantasizing about it. The only good part is that I am not the only one with this dilemma. Most of my friends, male & female, are turning 30 too. I guess we can all cry together or we can re-invent ourselves.

     I also found out that Pac-Man, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Call Me by Blondie, Jessica Simpson, CNN, Post-it notes and many others were born in 1980 as well. There were other important events also like the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, Prince Charles & Lady Di’s wedding, John Lennon’s assassination, Black & Hispanic Barbies were introduced, US hockey team beats Russia for the gold in the Winter Olympics and many more. I guess it was a calm year in relation with others I researched, but it open the doors to a new generation.Me according to Stacey

     I stopped being the youngest one in school, activities and discussions a long time ago. If I mentioned I was born in the 80’s I can see people trying to count in their minds to figure out how old I am. I need to accept I imagined 30 as an old age. In reality I do not feel that old, but I can spot people my age easily. Also, when I go watch movies like Twilight I do not find the main high school character handsome. I find myself looking at the dads instead. Probably, I am not the only one; or at least I hope not.

     Maybe if I was thirty and single I could be considered a good catch, but with a husband and a bunch of kids my stocks are not that high. Probably that is the reason why I started writing again; to create my own worlds and live in them. Who knows, maybe thirty is not that bad. If I date a 20 year old guy I can be consider a cougar and teens always find 30 something sexy. At least I did one thing good, I named my daughter Stacey. Therefore, I can say that Stacy’s Mom has got it goin’ on.

     Why is this relevant? Really is not. I am just taking another step in the road of acceptance. I decided to rediscover myself and follow my callings. After 30 years of guessing, I think it is important for me to find some kind of stability for the next 30. Then, I will be able to see which 30 made the biggest difference in my life. Hopefully it will be this 30 and then I will be able to enjoy the following 30 golden years.


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