[Blog] The Magic of Video Games

     Video GameIn reality I am not a video game expert, but I can talk about the benefits of having video games systems when you have someone else living with you. It provides the opportunity of some along time as well as the chance to skip many chores. If your partner or kid starts playing in around ten or eleven o’clock you can always skip making lunch, picking up the house and in many occasions supper.

      By the time they realize how long they have been playing you can play the victim role and they will get you dinner and some quality time. This is not only valid for partners, it is effective for kids as well. They may not cook, but they will feel guilty enough to pick up after themselves. At the same time, you can push it a little and get some extra work done around when they go back to the game.

     Sometimes, we can get stuck with the games as well, but if you control your timing you can escape after thirty minutes or so without feeling guilty. You can enjoy a relaxing afternoon reading a book or watching a good movie without interruptions. I will not recommend leaving the house because the table will turn on you and you will end up with the guilty conscience.

     In other cases you can sit beside them and pretend to be interested in the game. Video Game 2Just a couple of yes or no answers or maybe cool and nice will help too. In that way, you can use your computer or read a magazine without them saying that you are not spending quality time together. It is the best way to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, you will have the opportunity of enjoying yourself without the hazard of keeping an eye on the clock.

     It is always good to take some real time and learn a little about the games. Maybe play one or two in order to claim your game system inability. You will enjoy some time suffering with the controller, but you will earn your stars. No matter what the game is or the console you are playing the best advice will be not to get into it. If so, you will be swallowed by the TV screen and you will not be able to take advantage of this great opportunity.

     Go ahead and play. No matter which game or how long. It will always be someone to take advantage of it when needed. Just be sure it is not you. Learn your slangs and tricks and use them wisely. Also, learn how to sleep when someone else is playing. It is very effective and you can continue with your regular routine when they waste their time and energy out.


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