[Article] First Day on the Road

Midwest Stories: A Puerto Rican on the Road

Day 1

     As a good Puerto Rican, I left hours later than scheduled to start my adventure to the US Midwest. It is not the first time we traveled these roads, but is been a long time since we use the northern route. We normally cover about 996 miles in two days. Today, we only completed 190. Therefore, tomorrow is going to be a really, really long day.  Those miles placed us at Breezewood, Pennsylvania. A touch and go area for tourists and truckers at the entrance of the Pennsylvania turnpike.

     The area is full of hotels, souvenirs stores and places to eat. All packed up in a busy road in which cars try not to get run over by semi-trucks. After many U-turns and hotel quotes, we settled for the cheapest one.  Why not, if we only want to spend the night. A small place with a hard bed to get ready for some more driving. Interesting enough, the hotel has an indoor pool and jacuzzi. We found out about it because the whole place smells like chlorine. No GPS needed, just follow the chorine until you can’t breath.

     We decided to take the risk and grab some food. Since we had to play bumper cars with the semi-trucks, we ended up back on the expressway. After a couple more U-turns we finished at the great American restaurant, McDonalds. You can imagine their disconcert when they saw me taking pictures when in the drive thru. Sorry, but it had a good view to the rest of the street. I was able to see the green and beautiful mountains as the framework for all the neon signs and road congestion.

     Now back at the hotel I found the time to write all about it. So far, no magnificent views or impressive landscaping to report. Here are some of the pictures of this first day. Hopefully the ones to come will be more interesting and allow me to write something better for you guys. I will also try to update the Facebook group statuses so you have a better idea of what is happening. Maybe some pictures and videos will be available too, that is if I can make the Wifi card work. Enough for tonight. See you here tomorrow! (most likely, late at night)

Ver Day 1

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