[Blog] Writers’ Laziness…

     Since I came back from my trip to the Midwest I think my other personality has been taking over. At first, I was just tired and I understood that I had to catch up on sleep. Also, I needed some time to slow down and go back to the routine. I felt like a little kid that is used to going

to daycare when the weekend arrives and the routine is gone. I needed time to process all my ideas, but at the same time I wanted to tell what happened during the trip.

     PersonalitiesIn a couple of days, I was able to post the missing days of my story as well as all the pictures and videos. I did enjoy telling others my adventures, but it was an exhausting odyssey. When that was done, I was still in charge of my personalities. Unfortunately, my rational personality was starting to knock at the door.  Therefore, I ended up organizing my thoughts and my plans for my website.

     That is one of the reasons why the new website was created. I finally finished that task that was running on my mind for the last couple of months. And then, she took over. I did not want to write anything or pass any time at the computer. I guess she needed a bigger break than I thought. It was not because of a lack of time or ideas, it was simply me being lazy.

     I heard about writer’s block. I even read a book recently in which the author claims this block is just an excuse when an author is lacking new content. Real or not, I knew it was not my problem. I did not feet blocked or anything similar. I just did not want to do anything. Many will call it depression, but for me it is simple. In plain words I was suffering of writers’ laziness.

     I guess this happens when you have too many ideas running around, but no straight path for them. Maybe I need to re-join the real world for a couple of days. That will be a great source of new ideas, but at the same time turns us into one more of the pack.  I am still in this mood, but I am forcing myself out of it. I am trying to leave my rational side and return to the best me. We will see what happens…


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