[Blog] Spring Cleaning, De-cluttering and Organizing a Future Best-Seller Author

Many say that visualization is the first step to conquer the world. In my case, I do not even have the time for visualization. Many writers complain about this problem because of a full time job, school and other commitments. For me, these are not issues do to the fact that I normally spend days in the house without any need for outside company.

Right now I am writing a paragraph for this post and then going back to my messy, clutter closet. Today is day two of this adventure and by the way, it is a big walk-in closet. I think sometimes I lose most of my time trying to establish my daily priorities. Its been a while since I have tried to look past the current day. I am more productive (according to me) this way.

Every now and then I read amazing stories about authors that publish great books. My first questions is always how they do it. My problem is not lack of inspiration, writer’s block or any other of those excuses that wannabe writers like me try to use. I just cannot find the way to sit down straight for more than a couple of minutes.

Normally my mind wonders around looking for guide for hours. The only thought of taking that crucial decision to do something is difficult and agonizing. I had read many posts, books and other papers about the topic, but I cannot find the answer I want. I guess I am just waiting for a miracle in which my life gets organized for me.

Maybe that is why I need to be a best seller author. So I can afford Molly Maid and a personal assistant. I am not worried about babysitters because I already have an in-house nana for my kids (Thank you mom). Plus, she can cook too. Well, not all the time because I actually like cooking. That is the only time I have to think about writing without any interruption.

Wow, I wrote the last three paragraphs in a row. That is the great achievement of my day. Time to go back to the closet…So far so good, I am back. Now I have to go back to the beginning because I lost my train of thought. Nothing new even if I am writing everything in one sitting. Normally by the time I am close to the end I am rambling about nothing.

Last night, I had the chance to participate in The Silent Writers Collective retreat in which I had the opportunity to write in silence for an hour with the online support of a great group. It was impressive to see that I was not the only one taking advantage of this opportunity.  I need to accept that I moved from my chair multiple times, but I was able to finish some writing. I think it was great because it was my first try.

During the retreat I realized that I would like to go back to outlines for complex writing. I stopped using them because I am not a big fan on structuring my projects. I prefer the free flow of my fingers on the keyboard. I never try using them for blogging, it may happen in the near future if they work for my other endeavors.

Another problem with my lack of focus is my topic consistency. I like to talk about too many things. Sometimes creating a chaotic situation when you look to my blog posts on a timeline. I guess that is a detail that most likely only bugs me, but I felt like sharing. I wrote about this previously if you want to hear me whining more about it (post is in Spanish).

If you make it this far reading my post I want to thank you. I think I had demonstrated pretty well all my previous points. I did finish the closet and it looks nice. Spring cleaning is officially on its way and the only thing I can assure you is that I will remember you when I am a Best Seller Author.


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