[Blog] New on my Nightstand

Unfortunately, I discovered that our corner bookstore is shutting down next month. After their closing I will need to drive 45 minutes to a big chain store in order enjoy the bookstore experience. Well, our local Target store has a great book selection too and is only 5 minutes away. The problem is that every time I go in, I end up buying a quarter of the store.

In any case, I always have Amazon available.  I love it, but browsing the shelves in person does not compare to ordering online.  Also,  I am trying to get us to e-books. Since I do not have an e-reader, I will need to continue using my computer with the available applications. Maybe some day I will get one!

Any how, with all the book excitement in the air I have acquired various books lately. I am hoping to win at least one during the current Literary Giveaway Blog Hop. I still need to wok on my Spanish selection since I only have one so far and it is my current selection for the2011 Reading Challenge: Puerto Rican Young Writers.  In the meantime, these are my new books.

Ver álbum

I am also reading two e-books. First, Small Memories by José Saramago (ARC) and Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin (ARC). If I continue like this I will need to join the TBR challenge!

Also, I am spreading the book disease to my husband. He got three books so he has something to do when I sit to read and ignore him. Here are his books.

And, we cannot forget about the kids. By now they feed themselves and read books as zombies. Not much else to do in this house. Between them they got six new books. They are looking forward to the summer trips to the library.

Now is time to read; will keep you inform of our progress and or book acquisitions Sonrisa


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