[Authors] Alexandra Román de Hernández


front-cover Inspiracion

TITTLE: El Valle de la Inspiración 

AUTHOR: Alexandra Román de Hernández

ISBN: 978-0-578-03501-7



DATE READ: February 2011

My Story with the Book:

Well, get comfortable for the long story, just kidding. I first found Alexandra’s Mink when I created ThirtyCreativeStudio. I was looking for Puerto Rican websites about books and literature. I was trying to get in touch with the Island current news. Hers was one of the first I visited and commented on.

And then, she reciprocated. She visited my newly open blog and wrote some nice comments. Since then, we had kept in touch; exchanging critics and literary sources. Now I am glad to call her my colleague and friend.  One day she asked me for my mailing address and couple of days later I received my very own copy of her book with a beautiful dedication.

It took me couple of months to have the chance to read the book, due to some other projects, but I was able to complete it in February. I had a great time and then, the 2011 Reading Challenge: Puerto Rican Young Writers was born.

My Kind of Summary:

As you may know, I do not like to give away the book’s stories. I like each reader to have the opportunity to read the book and learn how they affect their own lives. Each book opens the opportunity to discover a new world of fantasy and reality that once lived in the author’s imagination. I can only give you my perspective about my reading experience.

I normally do not read YA books (Young Adults), but I really enjoy El Valle de la Inspiración. It presents a young writer’s story and her search for inspiration in a world of Pharaohs. I guess many of us look for inspiration when difficulty arrives and Alexandra provides us with a great way to understand the real root of it. It help us find and talk with our muses.

The book is simple and well written. It keeps a clear timeline and set of events. The amount of characters is perfect and they are well developed. The main character has the potential to be the next great treasure hunter, as well as, the protagonist of many other books. The bases are cemented to create a complex series. 


Alexandra Román de Hernández describes herself as: “I’m a lover of words, mother of two little minds, wife to a special being, and friend of extraordinary persons. My world orbits around them and am thankful for having a family and friends that fill my life with love, fun, and inspiration. They encourage, feed me, they bring me back to reality when I’m riding off in worlds invisible to others. I give thanks to God, not only for them, but also for nature with which He has made the world beautiful and from where my sights, and peace, and harmony are born; the one that calls me and also inspires me.”  Read more here!


You will have the opportunity to win an autographed copy of the book with a matching bookmark provided by the author (book is in Spanish).

How to Win:

Simple, just fill this FORM.


1.  Anyone can participate. There is no need to have a blog; you only need a valid email & postal address.

2.  Only one form per person necessary.

3.  You have from now until March 9th to fill the entry form.

4.  The winner will be selected using Random.org and will be announced March 10th.

5.  The winner will receive an email with further information on how to receive the giveaway. A new winner will be selected if no answer is received within 72 hours from email.


If your Spanish is not that great, it is not existent or simply you prefer to read in English do not worry. Alexandra has a great English based selection as well. Especially her chapter novelOshmdwa’s Children available at her website Alexandra Román’s Mink.


To learn more about our second featured book click here! We hope you enjoy our selections. Please feel free to leave your comments and join our mailing list. Also, you can follow us onFacebook and TwitterI will leave you with a little sample of our next book.

“Los tres estaban sentados a la mesa del comedor de Maureen, quien mantuvo su asiento alejada de los dos hombres. Nervioso, Brommer miraba la pistola en la mano de la mujer.”


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