[Authors] José Borges


Esa Antigua Tristeza

TITTLE:Esa Antigua Tristeza

AUTHOR: José Borges

ISBN: 978-1-935163-91-6



DATE READ: March 22, 2011 (finished)

My Story with the Book:

Just like my previous selection, ‘El Valle de la Inspiración’ by Alexandra Román de Hernández, I found ‘El Blog de Borges’ searching for current Puerto Rican literature online. I was glad to find, not only his posts, but his short stories. As you know, I enjoy them and not too often they can be found online.

When I first looked at his blog, ‘Esa Antigua Tristeza’ was not yet published. I had the opportunity to follow the online developments after it’s release. Many Puerto Rican writers as well as international, spoke candidly about this first novel, and many other websites featured it.

I am currently subscribed to his blog and follow him on Twitter. I promise, I am not stalking him. I just like the simplicity of discovering more selections and contacting an author on modern times. If we were in the 1800’s I may need to write him a fan later, that may never receive an answer.

Just like his short stories, Borges novel can be found in Amazon.

My Kind of Summary:

At the beginning I had a little trouble differentiating the parallel stories occurring on the novel. I had to go back and check some facts. That could just be my problem due to my multi-tasking attempts. Other than that, the flow of the book is well kept and entertaining. Its structure is simple and the short chapters made it easy to engage.

The introduction of the characters is efficient and the descriptions limited. The reader learns about them, their stories and their relevance thought actions and the results of their decisions.  Only the right amount of characters are present to develop the story and no unnecessary fillers were added.

The author’s imagination goes beyond the parameters of non fiction. ‘Esa Antigua Tristeza’is a combination of reality, paranormal intakes, faith, everyday events, fantasy, grace, life beyond limits and much more. It will be a great book for young adults as well as older audiences. Borges knitted perfectly the characteristics of many genres into one great and unique novel.

The setting and time for this book took me by surprise. I was not expecting a novel happening almost in real time. Normally everything I read has a sense of past that is not present in this book. It makes you feel as part of the reality, as if the events narrated could be happening now.

I hope the book is picked for translation and movie adaptation in the near future. The story has all the elements of a good thriller and the essence of a great blockbuster. It is a story that transcends any language barrier and regionalism.  Anyone can identify themselves with the situations and the personifications.  It was well written and it is definitely a timeless piece.


José Borges lives in Puerto Rico where he writes short stories, plays, sarcastic commentaries and opinions; that sometimes are not well received.  Currently, he is working on his second novel and other projects.


You will have the opportunity to win a copy of the book in Spanish.

How to Win:

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1.  Anyone can participate. There is no need to have a blog; you only need a valid email & postal address.

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If you want to read more selections from this author, please visit him at ‘El Blog de Borges’.  There you can enjoy a good selection of posts, as well as, a great collection of short stories(in Spanish). You can subscribe to his blog here.


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