If Only I Could Tell You

I don’t know why I still here,

many reasons, no so real.

I just should leave you

and find myself for once.

I know deep in my heart,

that I want to share our lives.

You know you use to love me

and that should be enough.

I can give my skin,

to clean your sorrows.

I won’t weight my soul

and you won’t judge my reasons.

If only I could tell you,

what is happening to me.

Why I don’t love you

and why you should not leave.

Definitely the years went by,

we still together in despair.

Many dreams, many regrets

and anyway we still here.

What happened to us,

if we were ever one.

I am not sure now

and may never know.

I don’t ask for much,

just keep living this loneliness.

Give me some more time

and I will love you eternally.

If only I could tell you,

how much I need you.

You will understand my distance

and wait for my return.

———- 0000 ———-

Posted for One Shot Wednesday @OneStopPoetry


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