[Blog] Worldwide WordPress 5k ended as a Family Day

Believe it or not, I finished the WWW 5k and I am still alive! As I mentioned before, my family participated with me and we definitely had a great time together.  My plan was to drive to the track, walk and then drive back; but the family wanted to walk to it, so we did.

Location: California, MD USA

Part I: Getting There

Time Started: 5:05pm EST

Time Finished: 5:45pm EST

Temperature: 62 F – Sunny

We walked 1.9 miles to get to the track. By the time we got there we realized we do not need to use it.

IMAG0448          IMAG0450

Part II: Family Fun

We stopped at the playground beside the track instead. The kids were able to run free and play around. Even we joined in the fun and played. I need to admit that I did slide down two of the kids slides. Last time I remember doing that I was probably twelve years old.

IMAG0449     IMAG0451     IMAG0458

Part III: Coming Back

Time Started: 6:30pm EST

Time Finished: 7:10pm EST

Temperature: 55 F – Cloudy

Now it was time for another 1.9 miles back to the house. The weather was perfect and we were ready. We did better than we thought and we had a good incentive…the couch was waiting for us.


Two adults, 3 kids and 2 strollers later we completed a total of 3.8 miles for the WorldWide WordPress 5k [I know it is more than 5K Sonrisa]. We loved the opportunity to exercise and enjoyed a family afternoon. I am ready for next year; who knows, I may get inspired and run it…well, maybe not.


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