[Authors] Enchanted Island by May Torres



TITTLE: Enchanted Island

AUTHOR: May Torres

ISBN: 978-0-9844532-0-7



DATE READ: April 9, 2011 (finished)


MAY TORRES is a freelance writer born in New York City.  She currently resides in New York with her children. At a young age she became fascinated by all things supernatural, as well as unexplained phenomena.  She cites Stephen King as her favorite author, heavily influencing her love of the written word.  After completing her first novel she was faced with the arduous task of getting it published.  She struggled with the fear of her work being turned into something she would not recognize, in order to conform to a publisher’s strict guidelines.  She made the decision to self publish; and,  with a friend and fellow writer, started a company aimed at preserving the integrity of the author’s work.    


My Story with the Book:

I learned about this book through its author. She left a comment on one of my postings about the Puerto Rican Young Writers challenge and introduced the book and herself. I am glad she did. Since then, we had kept in contact using Facebook and her group Effective Networking Now. I was even the Member of the Month last period.

My Kind of Summary:

As I mentioned in other posts, Young Adult (YA) literature is not normally my first pick. I did enjoy the book and recommend it to those of you that read YA often. The story has many secondary topics which are integrated nicely, but in some cases were too strong for a prune like me.

The author presents great [detail] descriptions about Puerto Rico; everything from its typical meals to its flora and fauna. When you read them, you will want to go and visit, and if you live on the island you will learn to appreciate your surroundings and its history. 

As you read the book, you will not believe this is May’s first novel. The structure & language are well selected and the characters, plot and settings are nicely written. The sequence of events are developed properly and no questions is left unanswered. 

The sense of familiarity, karma and reincarnation are present in the events and the characters interactions. The story is a mix of fantasy and reality with a trip back in time at the same time than a visit to the future. It is all at once, but in an organized manner. All these characteristics are knitted into a great story.


You will have the opportunity to win a copy of the book in English.

How to Win:

Simple, just fill this FORM.


1.  Anyone can participate. There is no need to have a blog; you only need a valid email & postal address.

2.  Only one form per person necessary.

3.  You have from now until April 20th to fill the entry form.

4.  The winner will be selected using Random.org and will be announced April 21st.

5.  The winner will receive an email with further information on how to receive the giveaway. A new winner will be selected if no answer is received within 72 hours from email.


If you want to read more selections from this author, please visit her at Come What May. You can subscribe to her blog here. She also created Effective Networking Now and Touché Publishing.


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“Minutes later, the same recruiter approached me and asked if I wanted to take the entrance exam. I inquired about the requirements and benefits, and soon after our brief discussion, he signed me up to take the test.”


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