[Blog] Mix Topics

I always save some of the WordPress topic suggestions for those days I am short on inspiration. Today is one of those days. Therefore, I will be using some of them together to make it more interesting.

Topic # 104:

If you had to debate a younger version of yourself, who would win?

Definitely my younger version will win. Back then I was a lot more stubborn than what I am today. I never lost any arguments, no matter if I was wrong or not.  I had a great persuasive power and convinced everyone of what I wanted. Now, I am a lot more relaxed. I will probably ignore my younger self argument and let her fight with herself.

Topic # 102:

What do you want to accomplish with your blog? Write a post about your 3 goals for the blog.

1. Reach more readers living in Puerto Rico – most of my Puerto Rican readers live outside the island. The other big percent are native from the US and Europe.

2. Introduce new writers – I will like to increase the number of guest post in my blog. It is always good to discover fresh ideas.

3. Create a publishing entity – this has been my main goal for this blog from the beginning. I would like to develop it into a publishing entity for novel writers.

Topic #74:

Close your eyes. Count to ten. Then imagine a beautiful ancient castle (tastefully remodeled to include central heating, kick-ass Wi-Fi and WordPress.com ready laptops everywhere). Now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. Go into the 2nd room on the right. What’s inside?

A big library/reading room. I know you were expecting something fascinating, but for me, a nice and cold room filled with all the great books I wish to read is more than perfect. I should add the time to read and share them with others.

Topic # 72:

What was your favorite class when you were in high school or college?

In high school my favorite class was Biology. During my bachelor years my favorite classes were Micro & Macro Economics and architectural history was the best class when completing my master degree. The main reason were the professors. They loved their jobs and enjoyed every minute of it. They created a great environment and set high expectations.

Topic # 65:

If you could read minds for a day, would you?

Oh yeah, I will. I will spend the day walking around to read as many as I can. Since I live close to Washington DC I will go there to get a bigger variety.

What about you?


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