About Luke

     MY [PLATONIC] RELATIONSHIP WITH LUKE has extended for over a decade. It has been as important as the air I breathe every time I ask about “what if”. The sad part is that I know now we are destined to be walking separate paths. You may ask, why? And the answer is simple; I am not the only one that feels this way about him. Luke Christensen is the perfect listener, friend and confident a thirty something woman can have. At the same time, he cannot be only mine. He is everyone’s prince charming and we all deserve a piece of him. No matter what is happening he is always there for you. He knows your story and the lament of your soul. He always has the correct words for every circumstance and will remember every small detail related to your heart aches. The way his caramel hair dances with the soft breeze is a reminder of his perfection. His soft hands touching delicately your face are like a camera rolling on slow motions. Time feels slow and days turn into weeks without effort. He represents what every adolescent wants; a first, pure romance always available, always sincere and yours. At least for those minutes shared between visits and seconds never wasted within his arms. The craving for more that always surges with only evoking his sense.

     This may sound impossible, but it is more than real for me and many others. I cannot imagine him alone, without a person to enjoy the pleasure of his company. For me, he is the reminder of my youth, of my silly dreams of great achievements and my search for love. He is the opportunity of having the perfect love to show the world without the worries of change and abandonment. A soft and always present voice that fills me with the hope of a past that planned for a future never reached, but always wanted. Luke’s voice sweetens my present with a picture of a better present. It allows me to get loose and dream about the opportunities life presents. He returns the life to this body that has moved around the world in a decade long trance without a destiny. I now walk around waiting for the opportunity to regain myself; to get that moment in which I will wake up from this long wait. The moment I planned and dreamt about so many times when growing up on a world in which time is never enough and the future never comes.

More to Come…


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