[Blog] How to Become an Irrelevant Blogger


I am guilty of committing many of the steps below during the passed year. Sometimes I am in a hurry or simply do not want to write. That is when I start becoming an irrelevant blogger. I had read many articles about becoming a good blogger, but at the end, it is our daily routine what dictates the end result.

So, here are five tips and tricks that may work as reverse psychology to get you started and on the way to become andrelevant blogger:

1. Update your blog once in a blue moon – people normally return to blogs they like when they know new material will be available. Not everyone registers for RSS feeds or email updates. Just like movies, it is more fun to see (read) them when they are fresh and out of the press.

2. Select topics from a crazy hat – readers need focused arguments and topics. Nobody likes to visit a website to learn about new clothing trends, for example, and then when exploring your blog they only find information about Greco Roman wrestling, how to grow a garden and how to train a puppy. Unless, you specified in advance that your blog covers every topic in the world.

3. Argue with your readers – there is nothing worse than reading a negative reply to a readers comment. If you are not open to positive and negative comments about your post, then do not allow comments on it. You can hurt your blog if you disagree with the comments on it over an over again. If necessary, contact the reader directly by email and not in the comment section.

4. Use a blank layout – first impressions are also valid for blogs. If your reader first sees a blank or confusing layout on your blog, most likely they will leave without reading the complete post. Just keep it simple, clean of visual clutter and update events & links promptly.

5. Post as soon as you finish typing – you should read your post at least two times before hitting the publish button. Excessive grammatical errors, punctuation and lack of formatting will scare readers and will produce negative reviews. As a writer you never want to hear ‘I did not finish reading the post because the errors were jumping out the page”. Therefore, read once for content, twice for editing and lastly for clarity.

I pledge to start [un]following these steps in order to continue having you as my reader. Please feel free to add any comments, suggestions or more tips below. I promise not to argue. Guiño


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