NYC Midnight: 100 Character Micro-Challenge (Drafts)

Last Thursday I participated in the NYC Midnight: 100 Character Micro-Challenge in which I had to create stories no longer than 100 characters based on group/word assignment. Later today (8-15-2011) they will post the top 25 of each group, but before I share the stories I submitted, I want to show you the seven drafts that were not submitted. My assigned word was “WORDS”.

– As they ran, their movements travel between the crops creating the impression of many words.

– My words only respond to the calling of my heart, ignoring life cycles and the movement of my hands.

– He always has the correct words and will remember every small detail related to your heart aches.

– The angels knew that no words can express the reality of a soul and the essence of a heart.

– “Please read these words with peace in your heart” was the last line he wrote before he died.

– “Sweet words with simple gestures, together with a smile, across the nations” he exclaimed.

– The warm breeze echoed between the fields creating the sounds of many words.

Please feel free to comment and critic below. I will share my entries when the first round results become available.


One thought on “NYC Midnight: 100 Character Micro-Challenge (Drafts)

  1. Deborah,

    That’s a really neat and interesting exercise for writing. I’d be intrigued to know how tricky it was for you to get all those out. I like how they are all so very different and they do get the job done, saying so much with so little. I like it. Especially since “words” is so broad, and it is the most important “word” for a writer. So, I would assume it was not so easy drafting those up. Good Luck!

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