The Business Card

     When I realized he was looking at me my body tensed up. I was not able to stop staring back at him. His light blue eyes and deep voice were filling the room. Sweat ran down his temples and landed softly on his mat. It was the first time I had arrived late at the Yoga class and was lucky enough to have a new teacher. Great I thought, someone else disappointed at me, but his beautiful smile relaxed my soul. When I looked around every one had stopped to look at me. I was there, just staring. My face was turning blue and I was starting to get dizzy when I realized I had even stop breathing. That tall, flexible man standing in front of a full class was the same one I bumped into when leaving the coffee shop in a hurry this morning. The same one whose coffee I spilled. The same handsome guy I gave $10 and my business card before running away to my car. I do not even have the courtesy to see if he was ok. I just dismissed him without measuring the consequences. What was I going to do now, he was there, I was here and everyone was looking at me. He had stopped looking at me long ago and now was involved in laughter with the rest of the group. He finally asked me if I was going to join, but I simply ran away leaving my mat and business card behind.


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