[Blog] An Opinion About Everything

Today is day two of our  Thirty Creative Studio Second Blogoversary celebrations. You can see  day one post and giveaway here.

Normally, writers and bloggers take part of different hops and memes in order to provide fresh and interesting content to their audience. During the last two years, I created and participated in several of them.  I  uses schedules, reviews and challenges to maintain interesting themes and topic for Thirty Creative Studio too.  As part of our evolution, I will be introducing a more diverse set of articles like posts with a more contemporary setting.

In the US we are about 200 and some days away from elections day. Therefore, we will be bombarded with advertising, campaigns promises, politics and social issues.  I always enjoyed writing opinionated articles and I believe this will be the perfect time for a more diverse writing experience.  I love monologues too, so do not be surprise if I stand up on my soap box and rant for a while. Also, some of the topics may contain adult (18+) material ; always on a tasteful manner.

As normal, I will label every post before the tittle so you can have the opportunity to select those pertinent to your interests. As I mentioned yesterday, business topics and advertising will be post as well.  In other words, Thirty Creative Studio will be an eclectic mix of everything and anything that  runs through my brain on a daily basis. Hope you all enjoy the insides!

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